Scott Gilham
Scott Gilham was born in Somalia the 6/6 1993. When he grow up but because he wants a higher education he moved to England when he was ten, his mother died when he was 5 so he just live whit his dad. He love math and chess, he dont have any friends.
Scott is a very smart kid and he jumped from 6 grade to 10 grade, the only thing he do after school is read books and work whit his homework.
He is a member of the ICT - International Chess Team, and he have already won three times the Chess Giants.
And he use to buy friends for somethimes one day so his dad dont think he dont have any friends.

His favorite Tv show is "Desperate Housewives". He can watch that show for hours!
And he love the Broke Back Mountains movie, he have watched the move 100times and he know evrything they say in the movie.

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