Sasha Williams
Name: Sasha Williams
age: 16
Interes: Cheerleadning

Sasah's father Miguel Jama is originally from Corea, but came to England to get a family. And merry Sasha's mother Tyra Williams. Sasha has a little brother named Michael. Sasha is a cheerleader and spends a lot of her time training. she's the captain of her squad and is very popular. She listens mainly to HipHop and RnB and some of her favorite artist's are Lady Gaga, Beyoncè, Sean Kingston, Ya Boy ECT. In her sparetime she hangs out with her friends and she loves to watch movies. Her favorite genres is comedy and thrillers and one of her favorite movie is "Bring it on"
Shasa is a genius, and have A on all her professions.
Shasa's team named The Panters Chicks.

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