Nigel B Lloyd/ smartass
Nigel B. Lloyd is a man who is born in Northhamten in England in 1993. but he and his family moved to Miami when he was 9 years old. So now he takes flight to england every morning to go on wikischool.
He is very good at school, he actually just gets 6 in all subjects
His favourite hobby is to write books, now he writes a manual for how to solve Rubik's Cube.
He also love to gaming, now he is hooked on WoW. He looks very old for the age, and now he have plans to get bigger glasses soon :)

He has no friends so he can be a little lonley sometimes, but he has a girlfriend who lives in China.
Her name is Chiquita. The have actually not met each other, but they talk much over msn and e-mail. They don't have any plans to meet each other, because they think that when they love each other, distance has nothing to say.

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