Martha Mcdonald

She is 16 years old, and was born 24th August 1993 in LA. Martha is a very rich girl who is very interesting in fashion. She goes on Wiki School and she is one of the most popular girls on the school. She is very kind, and everyone see at her as sunshine and a very good friend. She has a lot of friends to, and her best friend is Brittany Snow. She is not going at Wiki School, but they are together most of their time. They do everything together; go shopping, see fashion show, party, laugh, and cry. Yes everything. When Martha was 3 years old she was in the kindergarten for her first time. She was afraid and very nervous. When she was outside and she lost her doll in a soil dam, she starts to cry. Then Brittney come to her and gave her doll to Martha. And sins then they have been best friends!
Here you can see a picture of Martha and Brittney when they are shopping.

Martha has long dark brown hair, and brown green eyes. She has a very white and big smile, and she smiles a lot. She is dependent at training, and she trains at a trainings center. She is 1.70 tall and very slim. She is a model, not like a very popular model how the whole word knows about, but she takes model mission. Her interests are fashion and hanging out with friends. She loves to sing, but just for her selves. And she also loves to train. She has a boyfriend who is named Chad Murray, they have been together for almost a year now. he is 2 yeard older than her, 17 years. She is actually a very normal girl on 15 years.
This is a picture of Martha.
Here you can see Martha and her boyfriend Chad Murrey

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