Lydia B Watson

Lydia was born january 3, 1993, And now she is 16years old. Her best friend is Brittany Rochester, and they hang with each other most of the time. They are not nice with people who doesn’t are rich, like them selves. They are the two biggest bitches on the school, and the boys are crazy after them.
This is her best friend Brittany Rochester, and her self.

Lydia is very spoiled, and get whatever she wants. Her mom is an editor in the costume magazine, and her dad is a lawyer, and he work with Brittany’s mom. They live in the top apartment in the centre in the heart of the town. Like Brittany, Lydia is the only kid in the family.

Lydia’s interests is shopping, be with Brittany, hang at the starbucks, fashion, and be with the rich bigger boys. Her favourite film is mean girls, because they remind her of herself and Brittany. She listens to everything, most Lady Gaga. And she love to dance, and party! The TV-shows Lydia watches are Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, One Three Hill, talk shows and Top Model.

Lydia look like a star, and she is one too, long brown hair and brown big eyes. Her body is tiny, and she is 170cm tall. She has a very classic style, and her interests in fashion makes everything looks perfect. She looks older than she really is. She uses much money, but because she is so rich it doesn’t matter for the parents.
Lydia Beth Watson.

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