John Eriksson
GiovaniDosSantos-4.jpgHe is a 16 year old boy/man, who was born in Mexico.
His family escaped on a float to England when he was 3 years old.
He lives in wiki with is friend Christopher Jackson AND HIS DAD. His parents died when he was 10 year old, they died in a car crash.
John and Chris lives in a small apartment in wiki, close to the school.

He plays likes to play football, and he plays wing left or right, on England’s best team Wiki FC.
his best friend Chris also plays on wiki FC,
since John is pretty good in football he plays on England’s u-21 team.

this is the people John is most together with. Chris, Martha McDonald and George Howell.

He has 12 big brothers John is the youngest one, you may know about to of them Andreas Guardado Eriksson and Carlos Vela Eriksson.
when he was a kid he had 16 brothers but the four oldest died on the trip to England.

Bob Muntari Jackson is Christopher’s dad and Johns because he took custody over John when his parents died in the car crash. Bob is there agent to Chris and john.
Bob is 40 years old, and in top shape. He is in so good shape so he plays profecionale football.

John struggles in school but Mr.Muntari don't care, because he is so good in football so he will manage anyway..

This is one of he's favourite things to do becides playng football
Here is some fun link's you can try: Mexico, Manchester United and Mr, Muntari
i have yust some sites tohelp me with the links but that is just to get it bether because i don't know so much about the things

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