Jenny Johnson

Jenny was born in Texas, 6th.june in 1993. In 1998 she and her family removed to London where she lives today. She has two little sisters, Karen which is four years old and her other sister is twelve year with name Mary. They have a brother, Michael who is fourteen years old. Their parents are Jake and Ashley, both of them are 37 years old. Jenny just loves her family.

Jenny is sixteen years old. She is a very normal girl, 165 cm toll, blond hair, blue eyes, very thin and she is sweet, funny and kind too. Computer and television is something she couldn’t manage without, her favorite programs is One Tree Hill, The oc and Ugly Betty.
Jenny plays football on The wiki football team, she is very good, maybe not so weird because she train very often. Jenny just loves shopping and dancing too!

She is one of the most popular girls at her school, The Wiki School. All the boys think she is very fine but Jenny has a boyfriend who is named James Madison. They spent time together every single day.

Her days goes to homework’s, take care of her brother and sisters, train, hang out with her boyfriend James and her two best friend’s Angela Ashes and Denita Macgovern. Jenny, Angela and Denita are just like a girl gang because they hang out with each other mostly every day.

Jenny dance hip hop with Denita one day in week. Angela do not dance, she plays volleyball.They are very sporty.

Jenny do always looking ahead to the weekend because she and James use to look movies and just have a good time! Her favourite movie’s is Twilight. The film is about a teenage girl who risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire. Jenny have seen this movie eight times, the movie is so good.

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