George Howell

George Howell was born in Oxford just outside of London in 1993, where he now lives with his family. The family is very rich, since his father is a Lord in the British royal family. Because of this George does not have any problems with money. He is also predicted a good future because he goes to a popular and distinguished public school in Oxford.

At school he is very skilled. He has top grades in all of the subjects. Both his parents is lawyers, so he have plans about educate to it too. If he completes the education he is guaranteed work in his fathers company as he inherited from his father again. Being a lawyer is a tradition in this family.

When he not is at school or doing homework, he uses his spare time to horse racing. That is because it is what the rich people do in this area. His father owns ten horses and has won a lot of competitions in England. George and his sister has won a lot too, but in the junior class. His greatest victory was when became the british champion in the junior class. That was last year, and his biggest hope for this season is to defend the title.

He also has a lot of friends. They use to meet to hang out and compare their homework. At his school everybody is very intelligent. That is because it is high demands for the students. It costs a lot of money too. Every year they go to a school trip to Paris, France to learn more aboutn the french language they learn at school

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