Denita Macgovern

Denita MacGovern is a 16 years old girl. Her birthday is 4th April 1992. She is very small for the age but very mature for the age. Her hair is long, curly and brown. Denita always wear a ponytail, she has little freckles on her nose, she wear glasses but those are reading glasses.

Denita MacGovern lives in Wiki and goes on The Wiki School. She is really good on school, her character is great. Her favorite subject is history. She has a lot of friends at school, and she feel like well-being in her class.

Denitas families consist of her mom, her dad, her big sister, one little sister and a grandma who lives next door. Her mother’s name is Mary and she is a hairdresser. And her father name is Frank who is a police, her parents are married. Her big sister’s name is Sarah and she is 17 years old, and she is really popular. She had have plenty whit boyfriends and many friends all the time. But who can blame her, she is pretty. Denitas younger sister is just 4 years old and her name is Lucy, she is a little difficult. Denitas grandma lives next door to the family, and Denita is there a lot. She loves her grandma.

Denitas best friends is Jenny Johnson and Angela Ashes, she hang whit them every day. Denita and Jenny are dancing hip hop together and have done that for a very long time now. She has it very fun whit those to girls. Denita is also in love whit a boy she thinks is very pretty and she likes him a lot.

Her days go to be whit friends, homework, dance, listen to music, laugh etc. Her favorite music is Kate Perry whit the song “hot n cold”. She also like to watch TV-shows, there her favorite is THE OC and sex and the city, she has all the seasons.

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