Brittany Rochester

She’s a girl who is 16 years. She’s born 13, February 1993. Her best friend is Lydia B. Watson. And they hang around most of their time. They are the “queens” on the school. They are the two biggest bitches on the school. The boys like them, and the girls don’t.

Brittany comes from a rich family. With a father who is a doctor. And her mother is a lawyer. She is very spoiled, and gets whatever she wants. They live in one of the riches and biggest houses in there city. Brittany has no brothers or sisters.

Her interests is shopping, hang at the Starbucks, fashion, party, be with her best friend, use money and hang with the rich bigger boys. She’s listening to hip hop and RMB. And her favorite artist is Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. Her favorite film is “mean girls”. Her favorite TV-shows is gossip girl, The OC, dirty sexy money and of course top model.

Brittany’s is a pretty girl with long blond hair, blue eyes, long lashes and big lips. She looks a littel bit older than she is.Her body is tiny. She is 168 cm toll. She is interested in fashion, so she has a good style. And is using very much money on here cloths.
She’s single. But she can get whatever boy she wants. And she knows it.

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