Ashley Starson

Ashley was born in Texas in 1993. Her father was an evil man who didn’t care for anybody. She has never heard something from her mother. When she was a little girl she thought her father was her mother, but she became smarter and found out that it couldn’t be possible. When she was three years old her father leaved her. She was just a little alone girl, who didn’t eat some well food and she didn’t look well. One day women named Melinda visit her. Melinda took her home and started to take care of her, like her own child.

Today Ashley is 16 years old. She lives in London and goes to a private school. She has no problem with the grades because she only has top grades. Ashley has a long brown curly hair and brown eyes. She is very thin, but not sickly thin. She is very adult for the age and knows what’s wrong and right. She has a dog named Cicha and the breed is Chihuahua. She is very loving and loves to snuggle.

When she is finish at school and with the homework she goes to bowling. She is a member of the best bowling club in town. She plays every matches and is very important for the team. She loves shopping, it is her passion. And if she does not buy herself anything for a while, she feels bad.

When she grows up she would become a dress designer. She loves to create new things and look at the new dress collections.

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